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Repair and maintenance operations play a vital role in campus administration. The Section primarily functions as a support unit for other academic departments by overseeing all campus building renovation/repair operations in order to provide the best environment for teaching and learning for students and faculties at TUT.

Scope of the Section’s operations:

I. Assisting with the planning of campus buildings to improve TUT’s overall learning environment.

II. Managing the campus’ power consumption and introducing energy-saving facilities.

III. Enforcing construction inspection to ensure project quality.

IV. Miscellaneous repair on campus buildings to ensure user safety.

V. Planning of new constructions/repair operations; subcontracting, contract signing, constructing, design change, inspection, project closing and so forth.

VI. Inspection and maintenance of high voltage equipment (including power generators) on campus.

VII. Remote control and management of central air-conditioning systems and power demand, including the establishment/implementation/online registration of energy conservation plans.

VIII. Public safety inspection certification for buildings and relevant registrations.

IX. Implementation of seismic evaluation and reinforcement plans for campus buildings; affairs pertaining to relevant registrations and implementations.

X. Improvement of campus accessibility environment and affairs pertaining to relevant project implementations.

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